Mikala Nørgaard is not new to Austria’s music club scene. Be it as frontwoman of the band Gørl, her stunning Elvis performances, or as guitarist and background vocalist of „Black Palms Orchestra“ – she never fails to leave a lasting impression on her audience. The exceptional deep voice and her towering stature are unforgettable and turn gender clichés upside down.

Mikala’s First Solo Effort – Rebirth

Mikala has a driving desire to prove herself as an independent artist and songwriter. A basic home studio, a microphone, a few guitars along with her cat are all she needs for motivation and inspiration.

„Life Can Be So Sweet“ with its quirky infectious keyboard riff and chorus, opens the door to a new musical identity. Soon, a couple of songs follow. Mikala enjoys her new independence and a playful approach to self-made musical arrangements that roll out a red carpet for her signature hypnotic voice.

Mikala Nørgaard was born in Denmark and has lived in Vienna since 2006, where she also graduated from University of Music (guitar) in 2011.